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Just Justified

Words of Faith Final

Just Justified
Words of Faith 8-2-2021
Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy © 2021
Faith Fellowship Church - Melbourne, FL
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Romans 3
      [28] For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from observing the law.

        My Grandpa, Donald Thompson, worked his entire career for the same newspaper in Springfield, Missouri-- the Springfield Daily Leader. He started as a teenager running presses and worked up to supervise the press room.   
        When I was a little boy, Grandpa would take my brother and me into the noisy press room and show us the whole operation.   We saw the huge rolls of paper, the giant presses, and the place where the type was set using lead which was then re-melted to be used again. He showed us how the "typesetter" had the important job of putting the print together and "justifying" it.  Today, there are few if any typesetters left in the world because the "justification" is done by computer.
        Just imagine the skillful art involved in putting each letter of every printed word into a justified position or "right relationship" with every other letter in that word.  Imagine the care given to put every word into a right relationship with every other word in a line and every line into a right relationship with the page.  
         Print justification was hard work and required the skilled eye and hand of the Typesetter.  No type was ever able to justify itself.  No letter was ever able to create the correct space and relationship to other letters.  No word was ever able to align itself straight against a margin.
         Simply observing the rules of measurements or the variations on a page does not make the print justified either. The "rules of typesetting" do not apply themselves.  Justification requires work that is done from the outside.  The print is completely helpless to justify itself.  So, it is with the human.
       We need to be "justified."  We are completely helpless to put ourselves into a right relationship with God, ourselves, or other humans.  Without God we a r e   a ju m bl e of m i xe du pl ett ersb rok e nands hat tered.  
     The original message of God is in there someplace, but we desperately need the hand of the Master Typesetter to heal us and put us back into a right relationship.  Only then can the image of God in us be restored.  
      Faith is when we place our full trust in the Master Typesetter.  Faith is when we abandon our own efforts to justify ourselves by works or observance of the Law.  Faith may even require us to trust the Typesetter to melt us down, remold us, and reset us on an entirely new page.

        Lord, justify me.  I trust completely in You to set me into the right relationship with You and with those around me.  Melt me down if necessary.  Recast me as You see fit.  I trust only in You, Lord, Jesus.  Amen.  

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