The Giant of Fatigue

March 17, 2019 Pastor: Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy Series: Facing Your Giants

Verse: 1 Samuel 26:1–26:25

There is a kind of BATTLE FATIGUE that comes in the journey of faith. It is that place where we have tried very hard and we feel there is nothing left. We grow weary of doing good—returning blessing when we are cursed. We are tempted to give in and do the wrong thing just because we are so tired of the battle. There is a temptation to quit. Quit on that person who is so difficult. Quit on that truth or virtue that you have always held to. Quit on the struggle to do what is right and righteous.

It may surprise you to learn that even king David hit a time just like that. But he had a specific strategy he used to overcome the fatigue of battle.

Join us at Faith in our series "Facing Your Giants" and learn how to overcome the "Giant of Fatigue."

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