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A Captivating Thought

A Captivating Thought

Words of Faith 12-5-17

Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy © 2017

Faith Fellowship Church - Melbourne, FL

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2 Corinthians 10:5

     [5b] and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.


         What does it mean to take captive every thought? When Paul spoke of this discipline for our thought life he used a word that means literally to hold at spear point as a prisoner of war. The word for "thought" is "noema" and means a perception, purpose, intellect, or disposition of the mind. What are the perceptions, "purposes" or dispositions of the mind that are creeping in when they really need to be taken captive at spear point?

         When a thought or perception comes upon us, we decide what we will do with it next. Like a guard outside an encampment we would do well to ask a few questions of this noema "thought.” Are you friend or foe? Do you bring nourishment and supply or are you sneaking in to attack? Then we can decide whether to take it in or put it into perspective or obliterate it completely with the truth of Scripture. This idea might be an insight from God but we can only make that determination with the aid of the Spirit and the measure of Scripture.

         A critical part of disciplining our thought life lies in guarding the mind and filtering what enters in. We must guard the arena of our thought life. We must secure the perimeters. What are we exposing the mind to? What sorts of ideas are we entertaining? What kind of media are we exposed to? What sort of people are we listening to? This is not to say that we should seek to censor the world around us but we do need to filter what we let into our homes and into our hearts.

         Some may suggest that this idea is far too controlling and that we should freely wade into the ideas and distractions of the world because to do otherwise is to be too "sheltered.” There may be some truth to that. Paul was educated in the philosophies of his world and understood the politics of his day. But Paul did not feel compelled to wade into the aberrant debauchery that existed in the Roman world he ministered to. We may want to build a strong "immune system" but we would not drink raw sewage in order to do so. We need some filters.

       How are you guarding your thoughts? Are there people that you get around who draw you into a negative way of thinking? Are there circles you are drawn into that tend to complain? Are there media forms that you need to get away from? Movies that you need to be avoiding? Are there books that fill your head with thoughts that are not of God or are contrary to His ways?


         Lord Jesus, I want my mind to be captivated by thoughts of You. I want my heart to be captivated by longings for You. Give me the filters I need in my life. Give me the discernment I need in my heart. Give me the courage to shelter my thoughts that I may focus upon You. In Jesus' Name.


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