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The Mighty Angel and the Little Scroll

February 23, 2020 Pastor: Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy Series: Wrestling With Revelation

Verse: Revelation 10:1–10:11

Many note that the book of Revelation has a couple of sections that can only be described as an Interlude or Intermission. The truth is that sometimes you just need a break in the action. In theater, the Intermission between Acts is when the actors take a breather and the audience stands in line for concession or other things.

But there is more to an Intermission than just waiting for the facilities. It is also a time to reflect on the story that has been told so far. It is a time to contemplate the dramatic tension that is going on and form some thoughts about what will happen next.

Revelation Chapter Ten begins just such an Interlude. But this Intermission is filled with powerful images and messages of hope. And a challenge for the future.

Join us at Faith Fellowship as we contemplate the Mighty Angel and the Little Scroll.

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