My Dad's Place

November 24, 2019 Pastor: Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy Series: Wrestling With Revelation

Verse: Revelation 4:1–4:11

So much of the Revelation that Jesus gave us through John the Apostle can be confusing. Mind boggling. Even frightening. Jesus knew that. This is why He said: "Fear not" several times. This is also probably the reason why Jesus gave John a very special invitation to come up to the throne of God Almighty and see things from a different perspective.

What John saw in response to this invitation would give him a whole new perspective on all that was still to be revealed. These images become foundational for the rest of the Revelation. They are also a powerful tie for us as worshiping believers.

We are privileged to see this amazing place through the eyes of John. Jesus revealed the throne of God-- His Dad's Place. This helps us to understand the majesty of God and His view on all things that have been, and are, and are to come.  Join us as we continue the series "Wrestling with Revelation" and hear from Jesus-- "My Dad's Place."

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