Smyrna - The Church of Fragrant Offering

October 6, 2019 Pastor: Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy Series: Wrestling With Revelation

Verse: Revelation 2:8–2:11

There are times when things just seem hopeless. There's no other word for it. Things are pressing in on all sides. No end in sight.

Sometimes it is about economic issues or even a natural disaster. It can also be a medical problem or political conflict. There are situations where we are pressed down, even persecuted.

The truth is that suffering is nothing new to the human condition. In the Bible, we find stories of dramatic deliverance from suffering and oppression. We also find situations that require a kind of faithfulness that is to death.

How do we find hope in such situations? How do we handle the fear?

Join us at Faith in our study of the Churches of Revelation as we dig into the Truth of who God is, no matter our situation, and why we can trust Him.

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