First Love

September 29, 2019 Pastor: Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy Series: Wrestling With Revelation

Verse: Revelation 2:1–2:7

Do you remember what it was like when you first fell in love? We often call it "first love." It starts with a crush but then develops into infatuation. That special person is all we can think about. There is usually great devotion and commitment of energy and attention to a new relationship. We wouldn't miss a minute with that person.

We even do things differently in that time when we feel like we are walking on air. The Season of first love is marked by setting a high priority on being with our new love. We can't get enough of that other special person.

But then the new wears off a little and we start taking them for granted. We stop listening as carefully. We lose the energy we use to put into them. We start listening to other things. We may even look at other people.

It is interesting that this is sort of image that the Lord Jesus drew upon in speaking to hearts of believers in the first century. His message to them was clear. You have abandoned your first love. What are you going to do about it?

And what are we to do? How do we get back the love that was there at the start of our relationship with the Lord? How do we rekindle?

Join us at Faith Fellowship as we explore "First Love" and hear about finding out way back. You won't want to miss.

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