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Standing Firm in Agreement

May 7, 2017 Pastor: Pastor Paul W. Reece Series: The Regret Free Life

Topic: 05-07-2017 Standing Firm in Agreement Verse: Philippians 4:1–4:3

AgreementHave you ever noticed that at times that it is difficult to find unity in the church? No matter how hard you try there seems to be that one person who always disagrees with you, and you just can’t seem to get along with them. We think these little disagreements or arguments are just between ourselves and that person. Arguments are infectious and tend to take the focus away from the mission of the church. The longer it goes on, the bigger it gets, and more and more people get involved. We end up with a divided church and we just can’t seem to move forward.
Join us as we talk about what the Apostle Paul had to say to two women who found themselves in this situation. Euodia and Syntyche were having difficulties agreeing on some issues, and Paul gives them, and the church advice on how to handle the situation.


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