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Your relationship with God is everything.  We take that seriously at FFC. Wednesday evening enrichment classes are offered each September and January for 6 weeks.  We also value fellowship, so bring a friend and meet new ones. 

 January 27 - March 10, 2021

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Count it all JoyCOUNT IT ALL JOY, PART II    by DR. DAVID JEREMIAH (6 sessions)

Led by Pastors Jeff and Ann Hoy.  Christians need to experience joy during the challenges of our modern world. The Apostle Paul’s most personal letter, Philippians, will help us grasp how to do that. This intimate and loving epistle was written to believers who lived in very difficult times. Though Paul was facing an uncertain future, he chose this time and these people to write of the importance of joy.  In Count it All Joy, Dr. Jeremiah takes us verse by verse through the book of Philippians and shows us what it means to be joyful in spite of circumstances. This class can be experienced “in-person” with socially distanced discussion groups, or you can register to watch on livestream with “Zoom” groups.


Life & Ministry of the MessiahLIFE AND MINISTRY OF THE MESSIAH   by RAY VANDER LAAN (8 sessions)

Led by Ken Cornish.   This eight-session small group Bible study, Life and Ministry of the Messiah, from noted teacher and historian, Ray Vander Laan, is volume three of the 12-part That the World May Know series. Vander Laan illustrates how Jesus’ call to follow him turned the world upside down. Journey back to the time of Jesus. Marvel at the magnificence of Herod’s palace. Scramble among the ruins of Qumran. And wonder at the simplicity and wisdom of Jesus’ parables. In the Life and Ministry of the Messiah, you and your group will discover how the events of Jesus’ day impacted his life, ministry and communication…and then you’ll learn how it affects yours. Filmed on location in Israel, That the World May Know is a unique video series that brings God's Word to life with astounding relevance. By weaving together the Bible's fascinating historical, cultural, religious, and geographical contexts, teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan reveals unique insights into the Scriptures.


Voice of God 2DISCERNING THE VOICE OF GOD   by PRISCILLA SHIRER  (7 sessions for Women Only)

Led by Nancy Deibner.  A decade ago, Priscilla Shirer authored Discerning the Voice of God, and since then God has continued to grow, teach, and challenge her in her walk with Him. This revised and expanded edition reflects that growth through new stories, illustrations, and exercises. Through 7 sessions, discover the root to clear and daily communication with God--humble obedience. Learn how surrender unlocks His many blessings intended for us, centers us in His will, and helps us discern His voice in everyday life.  


Led by Jenna & Eric Marshalll. Is it possible to create a marriage that is secure, satisfying and passionate in the way God intended? In Our Secret Paradise, couples can discover the healing journey of marriage that begins when two people say "I do." Through practical discussions and humorous illustrations of the ups and downs of marriage, relationship expert Jimmy Evans takes readers on a journey of discovery toward the keys to a strong and beautiful marriage relationship. Create your own secret paradise today. In this book, Our Secret Paradise, Jimmy Evans will teach you: The secret to building a great marriage; 7 keys to becoming your spouse's best friend; How to defeat the real enemy of your marriage; 4 foundations for establishing peace and intimacy;  The secret to sexual fulfillment.  Mondays starting on Feb. 1 at 7:30pm.

Indestructible Marriage 2INDESTRUCTIBLE MARRIAGE   by JIMMY EVANS     (6 Sessions)

Led by Lori and Jeff King & Cyndi and Jamie Cook. Does it ever seem like every couple around you has it all together, while you can't even agree on what's for dinner? Want to know the secret? In this series, Andy Stanley introduces three habits of happy couples. Start practicing them today and you just may live happily ever after. 

BalancedBALANCED   by ANDY STANLEY   (6 sessions)  BEGINS AT 8PM

Led by Steve & Jeannie Thomas.  What does it mean to be financially balanced? Andy Stanley makes the case that in order to be free to truly follow Christ, you must have your finances in balance.  You will gain insightful perspectives and practical exercises to build a Biblical foundation for your finances. When applied, these laws of financial balance will transform your life and give you the freedom to be a fully devoted follower of Christ.