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God places us in churches to love others and spread the Gospel. As a unified body of believers it is important for us to pray for our church leaders, learn and apply the Scriptures, teach, give, and serve others. Though we each have our own God given gifts, when joined together as a body in Christ, we are made stronger. Faith Fellowship Church doesn’t focus its energy on church membership, but as God deepens your relationship with the church He gives you a desire to not only attend, but He gives you a desire to join in covenant with the church family you call home.

As you are drawn toward this relationship there are a few things you should know:

Church decisions affect the entire congregation. Many of these decisions have to be decided upon by the church as a whole, not just by the church board, or a team of church leaders. Our Constitution and Bylaws specify that for a person to be a part of this decision making process you have to be a member of FFC in order to be able to vote on these important issues proposed by the Church Board and leadership.

To become a member, you have to agree to the Constitution, Statement of Faith and By-laws of Faith Fellowship Church. You must complete the Request for Church Membership form and bring it to the church office or mail it to Faith Fellowship Church at 2820 Business Center Blvd, Melbourne, FL, 32940.