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How do you build back after destruction and loss?

      There are many ways that we experience destruction in our lives. We may encounter financial devastation. We could suddenly endure relational rejection. Death intrudes into our peaceful family settings. Sometimes, things crumble around us.  What do we do? The Bible has the answer: Build Back Bolder.

       The Bible recounts a time when the people of God experienced exactly these things. We call this time The Exile. Beginning in the 7th century before Christ, outside forces came with increasing ferocity to expel the Jewish people from their Promised Land. All seemed to be lost. All the dreams and hopes were gone. The people were scattered. But then, God began to work.

        The book of Nehemiah recounts the action of God to restore the nation of Israel and build her future back boldly. Join us as we begin a new study in Nehemiah and learn about rebuilding boldly in our lives and community.


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