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Purity of the Temple

Purity of the Temple

Words of Faith 10-31-17

Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy © 2017

Faith Fellowship Church - Melbourne, FL

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2 Corinthians 7

   Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.


       How do we respond to the vision of reconciled life with God? It is a marvelous image of His grace at work in us. Such life with God calls us to holiness as an ongoing focus in Christian living. Paul rejoiced in the promises of God that he would be present with us and have fellowship us but this relationship is one that requires a walk of purity.

       It is interesting that holiness is not commanded with the words "you must," because this would somehow fail to grasp the receiving of grace that is by faith and not by works. Holiness does not earn a place in the presence of God. But once we are reconciled to Him, we long to walk in holiness. Paul exhorts a careful effort to live in purity.

       This purity implies a separation from everything that contaminates body and spirit and from every person who pollutes the truth. "Body and spirit" refers to the whole person in his external and internal aspects. In an attitude of reverence for God which produces obedience, sanctification (holiness) can be perfected, that is, completed or matured. This is a maturing, growing holiness and an increased Christlikeness. This is a process of progressive sanctification not sinless perfection.

       As recipients of such promises of fellowship with God, all Christians are to avoid every source of possible defilement in any aspect of their lives. "Body and spirit" here denotes the Christian in his total personality, outwardly and inwardly, in his relations with other people and with God.

      Paul is probably implying that the Corinthians had become defiled, perhaps by occasionally sharing meals at idol-shrines or by continuing to attend festivals or ceremonies in pagan temples, or even by maintaining their membership in some local pagan cult. The Greek implies that if they made a clean break with pagan life in any and every form, they would be bringing their holiness nearer completion by this proof of their reverence for God. The Christian life involves separation, familial fellowship, and sanctification.

       How is the purity of your walk with God? Is there anything that you would rather Jesus didn't look at? Is there any part of your life that is contaminated or that does not show reverence toward God. Perhaps today is the day to deal with that.


       Father God, search me through and through and reveal anything that is displeasing to You. Make my walk with You pure in my thoughts, deeds and words. Cleanse me and give me the strength to walk in purity. In Jesus' Name.