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Called to the Road

Called to the Road

Words of Faith 8-7-18

Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy © 2018

Faith Fellowship Church - Melbourne, FL

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Luke 10:36-37

   [36] "Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?"

   [37] The expert in the law replied, "The one who had mercy on him."

   Jesus told him, "Go and do likewise."


         I don't know anyone who does not have some wounds. I know very few people who could not, if they choose, have a pretty good pity party. Life is tough. People betray. We get hurt.

         The road from Jericho to Jerusalem is treacherous. Life is very dangerous. Often we get left by the side of the road beaten and half dead. When we do, religious people will let us down but Jesus will not. He is the wounded healer. He nurses us to health.

         When we get back on the road we come upon someone who is wounded. They may even be one of the very people who so deeply wounded us. We have a choice. As I have said so many times, we can get better or we can get bitter. We can walk to the other side or we can choose to be a wounded healer. It is something only God can do in us.

         We can remember the scars from when we were in a heap by the side of the road. We can remember the pain and thirst that come from being left for dead. We can remember the abandonment and we are moved to go and help and anoint with oil and medicine. By our wounds others are healed. Marvelously, our healing is not really complete until we have helped in healing another.

           The question asked of Jesus was, "Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus replied, be a wounded healer. That was at the core of the story. That is what loving God and neighbor is really about. But how do we do that? There are three things we need to do.

           1) Acknowledge our wounds. That may sound stupid. But there are a lot of people laying on the road that goes from Jericho to Jerusalem who deny that they are hurting. The Wounded Healer stops but they wave Him on. You cannot get better in your life until you realize your need. In some circles we call it denial. You cannot get better unless you come to realize that you are in need, spiritually destitute. That is our condition on the road.

             2) Let Jesus Heal you. We may try to walk to the Inn. We may attempt to pay our own way. Those are not options. Only Jesus can pay your way to recovery. Only He can give you the medicine you need. Only He can cover your debt. You can't pay, no matter how religious you are, no matter how you try at good works. You cannot heal yourself.

           3) Let Jesus heal through you. We really are not complete in our healing until that last turn happens and we "go and do likewise". Only when we allow Jesus to use our wounds to heal others are we completed in our healing process. When we are back on the road with eyes open to the pain of others, we complete the healing. We offer Jesus to others. If we do so as religious people, we will miss the boat, but if we do so as wounded healers, God will work powerfully through us.

          The biggest single problem in Christian culture is that we have a tendency to try and act as if we never had any problems. Now that we are better we hide the pain that we have had. When we get out of touch with our wounds we are at risk that we will pass by on the other side. Why? Our flesh and pride prefers to say, "Look at that pitiful man. I am glad that I am not like him!" God heals others through our wounds that have been healed.

         The church is actually filled with people who have wounds and struggles. Some have struggled with difficult medical situations or particular difficulties with children. Many have struggled in their marriages. There are struggles with addiction and sin. As God heals, we become wounded healers.

         One couple I know well gives testimony that when they were on the brink of divorce they met the wounded healer. They were in a heap on the side of the road half dead when He came and put their marriage back together. Today they could come around others and say, "Gee we have always been a loving and delightful couple." But instead they will tell you about their wounds and their healing and they introduce others to the wounded healer. They will aid you in finding healing. They are wounded healers.

        We often want to get healed but then when God touches us we pretend nothing was ever wrong with us. "I was fine all along..."   "I have always been respectable." Do you know what happens to people who do not let Jesus use their wounds to heal others? They rush to church and pass the others by. They become religious.

         You may say, "I have been so hurt, so rejected, so ripped by life. I am wounded in a heap by the road." Jesus says, "I know. My heart has been broken. My flesh has been torn. I have felt abandonment such that I cried out upon the cross feeling that even God had abandoned me. I know and I have come to heal you!" You must not resist Him. You cannot go on your own strength. You must surrender to His healing touch. He will take you into His care. He will anoint you for healing. He will pay your bill.

         You may have already been healed by the Wounded Healer and you have wondered what the next step is. You are called to the road. You are called to watch for those hurting alongside the road. You are called to use the compassion of your wounds to heal others. Go and do likewise.


         Father God, show me the grace that alone can heal my wounds. Show me the place where You will use me for the healing of others. Teach me the joy that comes only in Your love. Give me the grace to go and do likewise. In Jesus' name.