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A Friend named Lucky

A Friend named Lucky

Words of Faith 12-3-19

Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy © 2019

Faith Fellowship Church - Melbourne, FL

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Colossians 4

  [7] Tychicus will tell you all the news about me. He is a dear brother, a faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord.   [8] I am sending him to you for the express purpose that you may know about our circumstances and that he may encourage your hearts. 


       We sometimes are tempted to skip over the opening or closing of a biblical letter on the assumption that the people mentioned are people we could not relate to. I find it refreshing to stop and get to know those folks.

        Paul gave special commendation to Tychicus, a man who had been a faithful and helpful partner to him in his journey.  Tychicus, pronounced tik’ ih cuhss, was the apparent bearer of this letter back to Colosse. He must have been a very special friend to be entrusted with this priceless communication.  We are indebted to his careful diligence as God used him to preserve the Word of God.  Paul wanted to make sure that the believers in Colosse received him as a special gift, as well as the letter he delivered to them.

        The name Tychicus means “fortunate” or “lucky.”  The name reflects a Roman background and worldview that was pagan.  But now, Paul called Tychicus a dear brother, much-loved as a fellow Christian and a “faithful minister” or “trusted assistant.”  Paul also saw him as a fellow bondslave in the Lord, one indebted forever to Christ for His work of salvation. Tychicus had traveled with the apostle on the third missionary journey and from Macedonia to Jerusalem.   

         Now, Tychicus was entrusted with communicating the personal circumstances of the Apostle Paul and others in Rome.  Paul had certainly not wanted to draw attention to his personal needs.  This was not about Paul, but Tychicus would bring a personal report that is so valued by the Body of Christ-focused in prayer and desiring the respond to the personal needs of a missionary.

        We might say that Paul was "lucky" to have a friend like Tychicus, but we realize it is far more appropriate to say he was blessed to have such a friend.  There was no luck involved here. God had provided just the right people around Paul to encourage him, lift burdens from him, carry the Word, and carry important personal information.  Such a person is a blessing beyond measure.

        You may never have heard of Tychicus before, but he is one of those people we really should look up when we get to heaven.  We don't have any words that he said or wrote.  We don't have any stories specific to his actions. But we do have this powerful impression left on Paul after having served with him for the cause of the Gospel. We would be blessed to have such a friend. We would be a blessing to be such a friend.

        How are your partnerships in Christ?  It is easy these days to be loosely committed or not committed at all.  We can find ourselves following the latest trends or seeking out Christian gatherings that are the most entertaining and cater to our “wants.” But Paul lifts a different value for us to consider. The journey really isn’t about “me.” It is about faithful service and partnership.  It is about going the distance and not giving up.  It is about carrying the Word on a long journey and faithfully delivering ministry that is powerful and personal.  

       Paul was blessed to have a friend named Lucky. Are there some who are so blessed to have a friend named you?


       Father God, show me the journey of faithful partnership.  Help me to get my eyes off of myself.  Show me the ways that I can serve, carry, and lift burdens.  Show me the ministers of the Gospel and the proclaimers of the Truth that You want me to aid and help.  Give me the quality of "faithful minister" and "fellow servant.”  In Jesus’ Name.


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